Loosing Body Fat on Paper


I think staying slim is the key to happiness in life. Don’t get me wrong, I know of many people who are over weight but still happy in life “including myself” but there is always the thought of if I loose this tiny amount of weight would I be more happy in life. I talk with my friends often and we all come to the same conclusion. I don’t think that being supper skinny is the key, a little meat on your bones does not hurt at all – but I think being comfortable in your own skin should be the key.

I started a new weight loss program that I am very happy with. It focuses on loosing body fat instead of loosing weight. We all know of people who have a low number when stepping on the scale, but I think we really should concentrate on body fat instead of weight when judging ourselves. I don’t think getting down to 8 percent body fat should be anyone’s goal unless your are a professional athlete or model. But if you get to around 20 percent body fat you should look pretty good. Eating and exercise is not enough, you should also read body fat analyzer reviews and find an accurate scale to not side track you.

Who cares if the scale says you are 120 pounds, but you have no shape or curves and all the weight is around your waist. I know of a lot of people who are pushing 200 pound but you could not tell it by the way the carry themselves. Being too critical of yourself could also cause self esteem issue’s. Being critical of yourself when focusing on your weight loss goals are important, but should not be the final result of your happiness. You should concentrate on your love ones and people around you for that. Do not let people in the outside world judge you on your looks, the most beautiful person in the world has flaws also – they just have the money to cover them up better.

Scribbling my thoughts for today

I am very thankful that today the weather has started to warm. It has been unreasonably cold for the most part of the winter this year. The summer can not come soon enough, I am not looking forward to the heat but I’m really looking forward to my vacation. Work is starting to really become a pain, I do so much on my job but I really do not feel appreciated. Retirement can not come soon enough.

My customer are the reason why I do what I do. I love seeing their faces when they come in or call to let me know what I will be working on for them next. This one senior couple have been customer of mine for many years. The wife has such a friendly face and always brings desserts and refreshments when she comes into the office. Her husband is an noble old chap, he reminds me of my grandfather with his corn cob pipe. I’ve been knowing their nieces and nephews for many years. I played softball with Pat back in High School and we were roommates in college. Pete and I use too live next door to one another, and I use to baby sit her little brother Cody from time to time.

Fish sounds good for dinner but I really do not feel like smelling it. My stomach already hurts from this weekend and I already eat it too much. Maybe I will just have sausage that sounds a lot better. Stan down at the meat market had some really nice looking sausage the other day when I visited the shop. I wonder if he still has some, I really do have a taste for it. Maybe I will just visit Whole Foods and see what they have. My weight is starting to get out of hand and I need to start doing something about it before it is too late. My cat is starting to get large too, I may put her on a diet also.