Scribbling my thoughts…..


I woke up this morning and drank a cup of tea and thought to myself – what am I going to do today. The children are in school, the partner and the dog is fed, I have all day to myself. I could sit here and read a book, or I could go outside and be more productive with my life. Who knows, my favorite game show is about to come on so I really don’t care. Its good to be off from this week, with all the rain I would hate to go to work in this awful weather. I really need to look into finding another job anyway. My co-worker’s and the customer really bother me sometime.

We are looking forward to our trip this summer, I have never been to a water park and Hurricane Harbor really seems appealing to me. I hope they do not have a problem with pets. I dont know what we will do with Brody if we cant bring him with us this summer. We may have to change our plans to something else if they do not accept dogs. The family would be so upset if they do not… Oh well we will see.